Review:  The Skullcandy Push Truly wireless earbuds

Stephen Watson
February 3, 2019

The Skullcandy Push Truly wireless earbuds available by very for £99.99 in Grey or Green

Sullcandy is a brand that up until lately I would have classed this brand for 16-24 age range but recently they seem to be changing their game and have released the Push Truly wireless earbuds and we have been lucky to give these a blast to see what they are like.

These earbuds cost £99.99 making these a mid-range pair of earbuds and on the first impression, I think a few questions have to be asked.  The earbuds look cheap and very plastic looking and the build quality does concern me. However, never judge a book by its cover. The earbuds are comfortable and are very lightweight even when not in use with the small charging case you are given. The Style of these earbuds makes me think they are a little young for me they feel more attractive to the teenagers. I showed these to my son and he seems to love them.

They have one large button on each earbud that acts as the controls and you can get them in either grey or teal colours for this review we got sent the teal. In the box you get the following:

  • Earbuds
  • Charge case
  • Small & Medium Ear Gels
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Warranty guide

The fit in your ear is quite comfortable due to the fact they are angled design meaning you don’t get much pressure on your ears like other earbuds on the market for a similar price range. The only issue I have with these, in my opinion, they look a little bulky when you have them in your ears. I mentioned on the earbuds they have two large buttons one on ear earbud and they are very sensitive which did annoy me a little as to change tracks you have to hold for 3 seconds to skip tracks but if your not careful you will turn these off. One saving grace is after 3 seconds you will hear a little beep so get your finger off quick or they will turn off. Like most earbuds on the market, you get the common functions like volume and voice assistant which is a benefit.  

The Skullcandy push also comes with a decent charging case that protects the headphones and also allows you to charge these up when not in use. The case is a concern to me as I find it very fragile and opening the lid looks like it could break if you’re not too careful. That aside what I do like which is similar to my case for the Jabra Elite 65T is when you pop the earbud in the case a magnet holds them in place in order to charge. The case does also have a 4 LED lights and a small button below which when pressed indicates how much charge are in them. Which I have to say is something my Jabra’s don’t tell me so that is a nice touch.  One issue you will notice is once you have given the earbuds a charge you will have to recharge the case as you only really get one full charge from the case. This I feel could be a little annoying for these always on the go.

The Push earbuds are IPX3 which means they are sweat and splash resistant and it does work I tested these with the shower and they were fine and worked perfectly afterwards.

Sound wise the Skullcandy wireless are powerful with decent bass and well-balanced mid-range. However when listening to Alice Merton No Roots the bass did get a little overemphasized which did not help the vocals you end up with a lack of detail. However, for those who are not clued up with there audio levels, you will be perfectly happy with the sound especially for any bass heavy music like some U2 or Nickelback.

These earbuds do not come with ANC but with the way, they fit it creates passive isolation and a good seal meaning it cuts a lot of the outside nose out so you can fully enjoy the song of your choice. You will also notice they don’t have any leakage of sound so for those who are enjoying an S-Club session people won’t know lol.

The Skullcandy Push also has an integrated microphone which, to be honest, is quite poor I tried to make a call on a train I found the person at the other end struggled to hear me which is not great when you’re trying to arrange something after work or even speaking to a client on the move.

The bonus with these truly wireless earbuds in the battery it holds 6.5 hours of charge and once you’re done with that the case gives you an extra full charge but as mentioned before you will have to recharge that case once they have recharged. Something I don’t do often with my Jabra Elite 65T. You will notice which is a benefit and just like my Jabra’s once you put the earbuds in the case they automatically turn off. The charge case takes 2 hours to fully charge so you can do this at work meaning it won’t be too much of a drama just don’t forget.

What I love about these headphones is the Bluetooth range a massive 72ft even when you have walls in the way I moved around my house with these on with ease and did not suffer one audio cut out which I was very impressed with.

So overall if you’re looking for headphones that can be used for when your doing sports or are on the way to work these are worth considering. They are very portable and lightweight even when charging. They have a decent level of noise isolation and the fact you get next to no leakage is great as the one thing I hate when using public transport is when someone wants to share their music with you. As mentioned these earbuds won’t fall out too easily which allows you to go for a run and listen to Eye of the tiger. Surely I can’t be the only person who does this?

So if your looking for a lightweight and comfortable pair of cool looking earbuds and don’t want to spend money on Apple earpods these are a good alternative but if you are someone who wants the vocal over the base it might be worth looking elsewhere. The best thing about these earbuds is the design is such so allowing your ears to breath as getting hot ears is a real issue for me and these did the job.

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