Review: Kitsound District Bluetooth Headphones

Stephen Watson
January 25, 2019

Available from for £99.99 

Kitsound is an award-winning brand we have covered quite a bit at What Mobile and here this time we are given a pair over overhead headphones with ANC called the District Bluetooth headphones.  

The District Bluetooth headphones give you the following benefits 20 hours of battery life, ANC and what makes these unique to any other headphones we have reviewed it gives you Qi Wireless charging technology.

The design of these headphones are as you expect from Kitsound time is taken in the design and they look classy. They are black headphones with the kitsound logo on the outside of both earcups and the earcups have a black mesh on each of the cups. The headphones are also very lightweight.  Inside the cup, just in case your a little unsure of the Left and Right inside the cups are a big L & R inside each cup.

The headphones also fold in on themselves allowing you to store them when not in use this is great when I put them in my bag. The right earcup is where the magic happens not only does it have everything on one side such as the Aux- In port, but also controls that house the volume and track control, Multi-Function button, ANC Switch & LED Indicators for the ANC and the Power/charging. The headphones have a charge that allows 20 hours use which is fantastic for a pair of wireless headphones and you can give these a full charge in 2 hours.

The multi-function button can be used in the following ways:

  • Volume control
  • Track control
  • Play/Pause
  • Accepting calls
  • Voice assistant

The Wireless  QI charging pad is also black with the kitsound logo printed on the top with a Micro USB port for the power source. You can also use the QI charging pad to charge your phone if you have that capability.   

Setting up the headphones as always with Kitsound was a walk in the park. The first time you turn them on go into your Bluetooth settings and the District Headphones will appear simply click connect and your all done.

The performance of these headphones was tested with and without the ANC. I noticed a real difference between the two settings. When you turn the ANC off the sound feels like you are only getting 50% output but what I did notice in the left earcup you seem to be getting a slight buzzing noise that makes it a bit annoying as you can still hear it when music is being played. Turn the ANC on and welcome back to the missing 50% and gone is the annoying buzzing noise.  The sound is much clearer and sharper and the bass was not overpowering it was at a great level for me.

As for the ANC when on or off it’s not that different in terms of external noise and this could be down to the way the earcups are designed with the soft cushioning on the cups meaning you get a nice seal around the ear as well as being very comfortable.

In terms of the audio quality as mentioned before as long as you keep the ANC on you get clear vocals, good treble level and the base was a nice level. So overall, they are good headphones at the £100 pound mark and with the QI charging technology built in this is a very good pair of headphone.  The only negative I have about this headphones is the fact when you turn the ANC off and then you not only lose 50% of the sound and also with that annoying buzzing notice that was my only disappointment.

For £99 and available via Amazon, these are great headphones if you don’t mind keeping the ANC on you will be very happy with the headphones from KitSound.

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