Review:  The Jabra Move Style edition

Stephen Watson
February 2, 2019

Available from for £89.99

I have only had the chance to review a few items from Jabra and have always been impressed so much so I have my Jabra Elite 65T as my go-to audio device. So when Jabra sent us the Move Style edition I was very excited to see what these had in store.

The Jabra Move Style edition is a black and gunmetal grey design that is lightweight and very simple in design. In regards to the price, they are £89.99 which is a surprise as they are a fantastic pair of headphones that are great for the daily commute.

The Style edition is a really nice design and comes in three different colours – Black, Blue & White. In this review, we got black headphones to review. With a minimal design, you don’t see lots of switches and buttons on the sides of the earcups like others we have reviewed in the past.

The headphones are very comfortable you get a cloth covered headband that covers the stainless steel frame and the earcups are made of a nice material that provides a comfort level for long periods of use. The Earcups are designed for on-ear use which adds to the comfort.  

On the left earcup, you will find the volume/track control and multi-function button and the micro USB port for charging. On the right earcup is where you have the on/off switch which also doubles as the Bluetooth discovery when trying to pair and the port for a 3.5mm port to allow for wired connection.

In terms of performance, these headphones provide some great wholesome sound as well as a long-lasting battery making these a great purchase. The battery life allows for up to 12 hours according to the manufacturer but I got near 14 hours out of them and provides a 14-day standby. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge these headphones from 0%.

Sound wise just like the Elite 65t they are a pleasure to use and am so happy Jabra sent use these.  Listening to different types of music you get a full experience here. The sound is sharp with a clear but punchy bass as well. They deliver on the high frequency and mid-tone sounds and for £89.99 you will be pleased as punch with the sound quality. This is true award-winning sound!

Making calls on these I found a little tricky at first but once you set the volume to your taste the quality is very crisp and I was told by those who I spoke to my voice was very clear which is surprising for such a small microphone that is built-in. The Bluetooth connectivity is also very good with some headphones I test if I leave my phone and go into a new room the signal gets weak but I did not have that issue with the Jabra Move.  

Overall, I really like these and it will take something special for me to stop using these. For the price, I challenge you to find another pair more pleasing to the user. They are lightweight and provide fantastic sound.  Are these perfect no there is always room for improvement and the Jabra Move Style edition need to fix the noise leakage people will hear what you have on and some people turn and look when you’re having an S Club party evening. I would have also liked to have some kind of storage for when not in use. I also found the fact you can’t fold these you have to be careful when you put these in your bag.  One more negative I have with these is the fact you can’t use the Alexa, Siri or Google assistants of these words when the headphones are one.

However, keep an eye out for these as you can really get a bargain as you will see them priced cheaper than currently. Would I buy these yes I would they offer great sound, have a nice design and wonderful sound At £89.99 these are well worth a buy!

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