Review: SoundMagic E11D USB-C Headphones

Stephen Watson
February 6, 2019

Available for £59.99 from Amazon  

The second product we got to review was the SoundMagic E11D these are a wired pair of headphones with a USB-C connection instead of the of the traditional 3.5mm jack headphones like these used to have all the time.  This is a good chance due to the way phones like the iPhone and Android models moving away towards the USB-C there is even a word Apple might change to that format in the future.

The design of these headphones is very similar to the E11BT just minus the neckband. What I mean by that is the earbuds are the same quality but the main difference these are not wireless headphones and have to be plugged in.

Now the Soundmagic E11D are from only Android users so if you have an Apple phone these are not for you.

The E11D is all black with the same white design and the logo on the earbuds as the E11BT’s have. The earbuds are made of aluminium and the remote control and the USB-C connector was also aluminium meaning a very lightweight design.  The earphones also come with a hard shell carry case and additional eartips for different sizes required.

The USB-C connection is bigger than normal but this is for a reason the DAC ( Digital to analogue converter) is housed which helps the circuit to receive the digital signal.  

I did find the connection to be a small issue sometimes the cable comes loose in my pocket which affects the music as its simply stops but this can be avoided.

The remote that is on the left cable as with the E11BT holds the volume, track control and multifunction button. This seems to work nicely in my OnePlus 5T and I found using the controls simple enough.  

Sound wise same again they are very similar to the E11BT as this is due to the fact both have 10mm dynamic drivers within the earbuds.  When listening to a number of different styles of music I found the bass was solid which in turn gave a better detail to the mids and upper mids.  

Would I buy these?  Personally, my main phone is an iPhone so the answer is no but I also use a OnePlus 5T and these would be a good back up pair of headphones once your wireless headphones run out of power. These would provide an equally as good sound quality which will not affect your sound enjoyment but I can only see these as a spare pair unless you don’t like wireless headphones then these are worth the purchase considering the price.    

Available for £59.99 from Amazon

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