Review: SoundMagic E11BT Headphones

Stephen Watson
February 6, 2019

With many audio companies bringing out the new products it’s always great to see how things are developing in this industry and we have been contacted by SoundMagic to review both the E11BT & E11D headphones.

In this review, we cover the E11BT which is the neckband Bluetooth headphones and first impressions are good with these. They cost £69.99 via Amazon. The buds are connected via nicely designed neckband that looks quite durable which is a good thing when you’re on the go. The neckband fits perfectly around my neck and its smooth design allows you to forget you even have it on.   

The Headphones come in one colour and that is the standard black and you get a feeling that these could be good to use in the gym. The headphones come with an IPX4 waterproof rating meaning a workout won’t damage them if you sweat as much as me in the gym.

The earbuds are connected to the neckband via black plastic cables with the left cable being where the inline remote is which is the control centre of these headphones. The earbuds are lightweight and if you put both earbuds together back to back they are magnetic which could be good for storage.

You will notice the company logo on the left earbud and the model number on the right. Personally, I don’t know why you did not just have the logo on both to continue the design throughout.

As mentioned on the left cable is the inline remote this holds the multifunction button that allows you to turn on/off, pair and answer and cut off calls. You will also notice the volume controls that if you double click will also change track. Also on the remote left side is where you charge these headphones using a  micro-USB now if you’re like me you have about a 100 of the micro USB cables so charging is never an issue. The E11BT remote also has a Red/Blue LED light. When charging you get red and when charged you get blue. You will also notice when you get a call the blue light will flash until you take the call. I liked this feature as it got my attention when a call comes in.   

The sound quality is what we are all reading about and it’s very good for headphones in this price range I would even say it would give my Sennheiser M2 a run for there money in the quality of sound and that is saying something. The 10mm dynamic drivers allow for a lovely sound. Try and listen to something like Funny Business by Alice Merton and with the use of the dynamic drivers they give you real nice bass to compliment the vocals in this song. The Treble is very clear to add to the enjoyment of the track.  

Make sure you use the right eartips as they provide passive isolation which is great as you can spend a lot for something with ANC so the fact having the right tip creates that sound isolation is a nice touch. Now I love watching wrestling youtube videos and the outside noise was reduced when I used these making me hear my video nice and clear.

I also found making/receiving calls was very clear and sharp sounding and the person who I called could hear me perfectly.  I also found when either listening to music or taking calls the Bluetooth signal due to the Bluetooth being Version 5.0 it did not cut out once so for under £100 that is music to my ears ( excuse the pun)

When you pair these for the first time they going to pairing mode from the minute you turn them on so go into your settings and pair it takes seconds and was very simple to do. You will also notice these headphones are AAC Compatible meaning you can use these for on either Apple or Android phones which is a good job as please write in if you don’t have an Apple or Android I would love to meet you.

Battery wise you get up to 20 hours of playtime and to recharge it takes just over 2 hours to fully recharge.

So overall our experience with these was a positive one my only change would be to put the remove the remote and build it into the neckband and that would make the band lighter and you would not get the slight pull where it currently is. However, they are comfortable to use for long periods I used them for over 2 hours non-stop and my ears did not hurt once. For £69.99 as I have said these are very good sound quality and the style of the headphones are also lovely to look at. Plus with the fact they have IPX4 rating, you could use these in the gym or on the commute to work these get out a stamp of approval.

Available via Amazon for £69.99     

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