Review:  GripTight PRO TelePod by Joby

Stephen Watson
January 25, 2019

Available from for £94.95

Now in a world of Instagram we are all taking selfies and in order to get the best shot or video you need a selfie stick that will do the business and I welcome the Joby GripTight Pro Telepod Mobile Stand.

With smartphones developing all the time with better cameras and the quality of filming is even better than some top range camcorders so you need a product that not only delivers as a selfie stick but also as a tripod and the telepod mobile stand really does deliver. This is a great product!

If you have a smartphone or a GoPro there are so many other products that do a similar job but just do not cut the mustard compared to the GripTight Pro at £94.95 this is worth every penny.   

The GripTight Pro weights 12 ounces and is 13.39 inches long. The design benefits include the fantastic GripTight Mount and the kits tripod can be extended to up to 31-inches and is made of reinforced nylon and stainless steel. It has 3 legs and can span to 14 inches.  We have used this even allow for positions of uneven surfaces and with the fact, the legs open up to 14 inches in diameter and click- set into place this helps with the stability and is one of the best features of this product. You can also use it as an elevated selfie stick and tabletop tripod which is what we used this for at Christmas to capture my kids opening presents.  This can be done by using the removable Bluetooth shutter that works great for when taking stills.

What I also find really good about this is you can change between portrait to landscape modes which are great for taking family portraits and also great for live streaming.  When you open the packaging you will also get a hand grip, extended grip and Pin Joint mount when using the GoPro. Overall, this product is a really good product the mount that holds your phone is very secure and your phone will not fall out.  I gave this to my girlfriend who loves to take pictures and she loved using this as a selfie stick and it was great to use it as a tripod. What I found the best selling point of this product is the removable Bluetooth shutter as we set this up and just used the shutter as and when we wanted to catch a moment and this helped catch some fantastic moments.  

At £94.95 at this is a great product that has changed the way we take a picture.

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