Review:  iKlip 3 Deluxe Universal Tablet Mount

Stephen Watson
January 21, 2019

 iKlip 3 Deluxe Universal Tablet Mount- £77.99 available from

Here at What Mobile, we get the chance to review a lot of different products and this time we get the chance to review the iKlip 3 Deluxe universal tablet mount. This is the perfect product for the musician in the 21st Century that wants to get rid of traditional chord charts and replaces them with a handy mount for your iPad where you can store your lyrics & sheet music all on the apps available that you can store on an iPad. This intern creates an easier performing experience.

The stand mount is designed to house an iPad or tablet and I currently have an iPad and it fits like a glove I have also tried a Samsung tablet of a different size and it also fit as the mount can adjust to a different size. The iKlip 3 Deluxe can hold tablets 7 inches to 12.9-inch tablets so room for all sorts of sizes.   I have used a number of tablet mounts as when am not doing this am in the world of musical comedy so having a mount to hold the tablet when you need your song notes it’s really helpful and looks very professional.

What I love about this product compared to others I have used is you have 5 different mounting options such as front, side, boom mounting, top- mount and even a camera tripod adaptor if you want to use your iPad to take pictures.

You also get a ball & socket joint that allows a 360 degree viewing angle and also allows you to view your tablet in either landscape or portrait which helps if your reading music or using an app like the Fender Play app if your learning to play the guitar.  

The design is of this product is made of rugged thermoplastic which allows it to be durable but also easily portable. IK Multimedia has also included a sure grip rubber gripping points that hold the tablets as well.

I really like this product it’s got everything you want for the tablet mount it’s durable and allows you to use your tablet even with its protected case on as the mount adjusts to the size you require. You can even rotate for optimal positioning which I think is great when you want to switch orientation.

As for set up times, you can set this up to fit on any of the 5 fitting options very quickly and with the instruction manual that provides a guide to set this up very quickly.  In terms of cost, the iKlip 3 Deluxe costs £77.99 from

Is this something I would buy surely thing it allows playing music much more enjoyable experience without the need music sheet stands and with the durable material this a product I don’t need to replace in a hurry even if I change tablets.  At £77.99 its a great purchase for anyone looking to get into music or already in the music industry and wants to add a class of professionalism to your set up.

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