Wireless charging iPhone 7 with an innovative twist

Manny Pham
July 6, 2016

A wireless charging iPhone 7 could be making a debut in September as a leak reveals Apple’s plan to innovate the feature. 

The iPhone 7 is seeing a lot of leaks as we come up to September, the supposed month where we will see Apple’s latest and greatest. We’ve heard about a dual-camera system, retention of the 5.5-inch screen and even a curved screen.

This new leak shows a feature we were not expecting at all. Apple might actually keep a few things under wraps before the grand unveiling.

wireless charging iphone 7

An image shared by MyDrivers shows a presentation slide in a Foxconn meeting (an iPhone manufacturer) exposing two interesting new features. The first is the support for wireless charging, a feature Apple has not implemented in any of its devices so far.

Wireless charging is nothing new but Apple has been rumoured to improve on it by using a charging mat. The mat will supposedly allow proximity charging, meaning you can pick up your phone and have it still charge.

The slide doesn’t exactly mention a charging mat nor has there been many rumours about wireless charging. It would take some innovation to bring wireless charging to the iPhone 7 if Apple decide to use an aluminium unibody again, as metal proves to be fickle with wireless charging.

Wireless charging iPhone 7 has resistance

As for the second notable feature on the slide, IP68 gets a mention, which would make the iPhone 7 water and dust resistant. Certain Android smartphones have adopted the feature for a while now, it would be nice to see Apple potentially getting onboard too.

You’ll notice there is a massive shot of the iPhone 7 on the slide, but this is apparently a concept shot which shouldn’t be read into too much.

There’s also a mention of a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera and iOS 10. The dual-lens camera has already been heavily rumoured and iOS 10 is as sure as death and taxes.

Rumours like this are great but it should be taken too seriously as they are just rumours at the end of the day. Images can be faked thanks to the wonderful tool that is Photoshop, and there is no proof that this slide is indeed from a Foxconn meeting.

Whether it’s a wireless charging iPhone 7 or some other amazing feature with it, we hope Apple wows us come later this year.

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