OnePlus X out of stock ‘forever’

Thomas Wellburn
July 6, 2016

Consumers have been receiving rather troubling emails recently, with the OnePlus X out of stock and indefinitely canned by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

With the fresh release of the excellent OnePlus 3, interest in the Chinese manufacturers products has once again peaked. If you can’t afford the £309 price for the new flagship handset (soon to be £329 in the UK), there did used to be a cheaper option available in the form of the OnePlus X. For just £189, you were getting a mid-range handset that arguably performed on a par with some last generation flagships.

Is the OnePlus X out of stock forever?

OnePlus X out of stock

Unfortunately, it seems like CEO Carl Pei and his company has no intention to carry on manufacturing the device. It’s currently out of stock via the official OnePlus website and can only be found through third-party vendors. More interestingly, OnePlus forum members have been sharing screenshots which show a stock shortage so bad that the company is refunding customers and giving them an additional discount voucher for goodwill. Ouch.

The OnePlus X was a great handset that never really quite reached the success peak of their primary flagship line, so the reason is likely related to that. Still, it’s disappointing to see the smartphone get so untimely canned.

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