WhatsApp enables encryption, privacy for all

Manny Pham
April 6, 2016

WhatsApp has announced their messaging service will now be encrypted from Tuesday.

With full end-to-end encryption every message, photo, video, file, and voice message are completely private. Not even WhatsApp employees can see what you’re sending. Only you and whoever else you’re sending it to, are able to view it. If cyber attackers somehow manage to hack into your conversation, they will find whatever sent unreadable.

Encryption has been on the minds of everyone in the tech world, in the wake of Apple’s San Bernardino case. It’s not entirely certain that WhatsApp will be immune to warrant requests by the authorities. WhatsApp manages messages centrally on servers and phones, making the Facebook owned messaging service is extremely secure. WhatsApp were working with Open Whisper’s open source protocol to make encryption possible.

Open Whisper Systems want to work with other messengers, as stated on their blog: “over a billion monthly active users across the world are now using the Signal Protocol for end to end encryption. Over the next year, we will continue to work with additional messengers to amplify the impact and scope of private communication even further. We’re excited about the future of the Signal Protocol and the places it is going.”

For more news, visit What Mobile’s dedicated news page. 

Via WhatsApp and Open Whisper Systems.



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