Q3 earnings report is good for Google, not as much for Motorola

Jamie Feltham
October 18, 2013

Time for yet another Q3 earnings report, although this time we’re talking Google. We all want to know what ludicrous amount of money Google’s been making, right?

Well it certainly is ludicrous. The company made some $15 billion over the last three months, which is hardly surprising given the popularity of the brand at this point in time. It won’t be so happy with Motorola’s Q3 earnings though, as the Google-owned company lost $250 million. This happened despite the recently launch of the Moto X.

During the company’s Q3 earnings call CEO Larry Page noted that the Android OS now reaches 1 billion devices, with another 1.5 million activations every day.

Another Google-owned business, Youtube, continued to make stacks of cash. It was revealed that forty percent of the site’s revenue now steams from mobile devices.

Even Chromebooks are doing well, with 8,000 locations across the globe selling them and 20 percent of US school districts using the laptops.

But you’ve got to spend money to make money, and Google is going that too. The company has increased its R&D budget by almost $1 billion throughout the course of 2013. This money goes into developing exciting new tech that we’ll hopefully be hearing about in the not too distant future.

So business as usual for one of the planet’s biggest brands, then.

Source: Engadget

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