France sees iPhone price hike

Jamie Feltham
October 18, 2013

Bad news for Apple fans in France – the company has increased the price of both its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in the country.

It’s not the biggest increase – the range of models have risen anywhere from 10 to 18 euro. Previously iPhone 5s prices were at ‚¬699 for the 16GB, ‚¬799 for the 32GB and ‚¬899 for the 64GB. The new prices for the respective models are ‚¬709, ‚¬811 and ‚¬917. The iPhone 5c is now ‚¬609 for the 16 GB model and ‚¬711 for the 32 GB model.

France isn’t the only country to see price changes recently – Japan’s app store prices are going up in the midst of the strong Yen.

Source: Tauw

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