Google, Apple are the world’s most in demand employers

Jamie Feltham
October 18, 2013

It’s been a good season for tech companies in terms of lists. Firstly, Apple was crowned the planet’s most valuable brand, overtaking Coca-Cola after 13 years, and then Microsoft was named the most inspirational brand. Now it’s Google’s turn, as the company has be named the most in demand employer out there.

The LinkedIn-made list also awarded its second place to Apple. The usual suspects, then. The list was complied by data from the 238 million users on LinkedIn.

Other tech outlets scored well, though not as highly as they might have in previous years. Microsoft found itself in fifth place while Facebook is just behind in sixth. Other big names like Samsung don’t feature until much further down the list, with that company reaching 83th.

The full list of 100 winners is up on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn

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