Charging could be done in an hour with Sony’s next Xperia

Jamie Feltham
October 18, 2013

Battery life and charging remains one of the biggest flaws in smartphones today. We have incredible power stuffed into these handsets, but it comes at the cost of usually around eight or so hours of battery lift. That makes overnight charging a must. Sony could be changing all of that with new wireless charging tech that could make its way into the next round of Xperia handsets.

Nikkei is reporting that the Japanese company has developed a new device that uses 10 – 15 watts of electricity that doubles the rate of current chargers. If the maths adds up, then Sony’s next smartphones could go from flat to full in just an hour. The information obtained comes from the Wireless Power Consortium, so this charging would even be wire-free.

Handsets need charging to be regulated so that it doesn’t overload the phone. This new tech could have control chips that allow for the faster speeds.

If it’s all true then we could see the new tech in late 2014, most likely with the next iteration of the Xperia line. What will that be called? The Xperia Z2?

Source: Nikkei

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