iPad 5 to be a ‘major upgrade’ thanks to new design – analyst

Jamie Feltham
October 8, 2013

Last year may have brought two new iPad models, but neither of them were especially major. According to an industry analyst, that’s paved the way for the unrevealed iPad to be one of the most significant upgrades to date.

Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald has said that a new design will make the iPad 5 a ‘major upgrade’. The analyst cites supply-chain sources in saying that the latest device will have a much lighter and thinner design than its predecessors. Given that it’s been a while since we’ve seen such an upgrade, White thinks this will be big business.

“Given our research in Taiwan over the past few days, we believe the iPad 5 has the potential to be a significant iPad upgrade cycle,” he said. “[Since] Apple did little in the way of changing the look and feel of the past couple of iPad iterations, we believe Apple’s sizeable installed base, with 155 million iPads shipped through 3Q:FY13, is ready to purchase a new full-sized iPad.”

It sounds like this new iPad will be for those that have stuck to the iPad 2 and perhaps even excitable iPad 3 users, then. What would you want to see out of the iPad 5?

Source: All Things D

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