Windows Phone Twitter app upgraded, is dark

Jamie Feltham
October 8, 2013

Earlier today we reported that Microsoft had sadly given up on its Youtube app for Windows Phone after a tussle with Google. That was sad news. Now happy news: the Windows Phone Twitter app has been updated.

Two new features are touted in this update, though neither is especially significant. First up is lock screen integration that will show you tweets from your devices lock screen, much like the Facebook app’s current integration. It would seem that tweets are displayed at random, and you won’t be able to interact with them until you unlock the phone and find them in-app.

Then there’s the new dark theme. This changes the app’s UI to black which might be beneficial for the more sinister of you. Elsewhere there’s support for favouriting accounts and being notified when they tweet, as well as pinning keyword searches to the home screen.

Nothing major, then, but it’s not exactly like you can make the Windows Phone Twitter – or any type of Twitter – much better, is it?

Source: The Verge

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