Google to take on iMessage with Hangouts text-messaging support

Jordan O'Brien
October 8, 2013

Both Windows Phone and iOS have tried to create a unified messaging hub, with iOS getting both iMessages and normal SMS messaging in the one Messages app, whilst Windows Phone users get Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and SMS in their messaging app — but now Google wants a unified solution.  According to some leaked screenshots from Android Police, Google’s Hangouts app could soon get SMS support, which means you won’t have to keep switching from typing in your messages app to your Hangouts app.

Hangouts originally took aim at Face Time and launched alongside Google+, but it has since grown and absorbed much of the old Google Talk app, with users able to instant message each other using a WiFi or data connection – much like iMessage.

Now however the inclusion of SMS integration means it will be able to take on Apple’s implementation completely, although it would be nice to see Hangouts become the default app for sending messages and making video calls.

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