Chromecast now shipping to UK and Australian Amazon customers

Jordan O'Brien
October 8, 2013

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Google’s Chromecast then you’re in luck as Amazon has just started shipping the device here in the UK and also in Australia – although it’s not yet officially available so expect to pay a premium.

The $35 dongle that plugs into your TV and enables you to stream content form your Android device, will set you back £22.59 in the UK on Amazon, whilst Australians will be required to cough up 38.64 AUD.

You’ll also have to pay for shipping, with a £5.79 standard shipping charge (which takes 8 to 14 days) or a £21.28 charge for two day express shipping.

To buy the Chromecast you’re going to want to buy from the Amazon US site rather than the Amazon UK or AU site, although we’d advise waiting just a little longer for it to be officially available in the UK.

Once you receive your Chromecast you may get in a little trouble as the Chromecast app is still solely available in the US on the Google Play Store, although you can of course download the APK from elsewhere.

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