HP Chromebook 11 announced, comes cheap!

Jamie Feltham
October 8, 2013

While we’re all still waiting on the announcement of Google’s next Nexus products, the company has slipped out an announcement for a new HP Chromebook.

Meet the HP Chromebook 11. The company claims it will offer speed, simplicity and security all under one roof, though that’s all promised without getting too specific, however.

It should measure in at just under two pounds, making it incredibly light for a laptop. It’s powered by microUSB to make charging accessible, while it can in turn be used to charge Android smartphones and tablets. The frame is made of magnesium to keep it well-protected.

One of the more unique features the HP Chromebook 11 touts is a 176 degree viewing angle on its 11 inch display, which basically means you’ll be able to clearly see the screen from wherever you look at it. No more adjusting the screen to be able to see the display. The speakers have also been positioned under the keyboard to keep them from getting muffled under the entire system. It will also come with two years of free Google Drive cloud storage, with 100GB of space. then there’s 60 days free access to Google Play Music All Access.

The best part? The price. The HP Chromebook 11 starts at £229 in the Uk and $279 in the US, which is a pretty reasonable price no matter which way you look at it. Other models are also said to be in production. It’s available as of today across the US and UK.

Well, that’s all well and good, but what about that Nexus 5, hey Google?

Source: Google Blog

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