Glassware dev gets GTA3 map running on device

Jamie Feltham
October 8, 2013

Google Glass has the potential to effect every area of our lives, and gaming is no exception. Case in point: one Glassware dev has managed to get the map from Grand Theft Auto 3 onto the device and run with the game.

It was done using the PC version of the game. The Glassware dev had to design a two-pronged app to get it working, although the theory is actually pretty simple. Basically, the first part of the app streams the game’s radar to the cloud. The app then finds that stream and displays it on Glass. So as you’re driving around the city, delivering taxi passengers and putting out fires and all those other lovely things you do in a GTA game, you’ll have a very futuristic view of your map.

It sounds cool, but right now it comes with a few quirks. The Glass’ battery isn’t designed for long gaming sessions, and the map itself was suited just fine to the game’s screen. Apparently the developer also tried it with GTAIV, but had issues, while GTAV is yet to see release on PC.

Still, it’s a nice idea, and literally gives us a glimpse of how Glass might work with the next-gen systems, if at all.

Source: Tech Crunch

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