Five Digital Revolutions That Have Changed Everything

Abi Cool
May 23, 2017

As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, we take a look at five big digital revolutions which changed the way we consume data.

From the previous centuries till the time today, we have witnessed the shift in the socio-technological paradigm. The world has experienced the agricultural revolution which changed into industrial revolution and presently is showing evident signs of an information/ digital revolution. Throughout each revolution, new inventions have largely influenced the mindset and thinking approach of the users. They have gained the advantage from the latest technology and have managed to up their business game using the recent digital advancements.

Everything from the robotic appliances to self-driving cars, gene editing and 4D printing is making its mark in different fields. The field of marketing and business development is also privileged by technology revolutions which have completely changed the world of business.

The most dominant technologies and the way they have entirely changed the world are mentioned as follows:

Broadband and Wearable Internet

People have been using the internet for years to browse for the things they want. However, the spiking stats of active internet users in recent time suggest that its use has now become dominant like never before. Whether it is digital marketing, appliance manufacturing, vehicles launching, agricultural or a food industry, the use of internet has become irresistible.

The introduction of a broadband connection brought much accelerated speeds and has radically changed the lifestyle of internet users. They are now more readily connected and and can engage in a much more interactive way, thanks to the enhanced speeds. The availability of smartphones with 4G connections now dictates the ease of use of the internet in public and private places.

Moreover, it is expected that by 2025, 10% of people will be wearing clothes connected to the internet. It is also expected that the first implantable mobile phone will be sold in the coming years as well. (Reference:

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things has made daily life easy. The interconnection of different devices through the internet rules out a lot of difficulty factors and paves the way for interconnected lifestyles. It makes things easy and efficient for all users. The use of sensors to send and receive data has allowed breakthroughs in health fields and activity tracking.

Presently, a lot of electrical devices are connected through the IoT and are expected to deliver a seamless experience. You may know this more familiarly as ‘Smarthome’. It allows the users to control specific electronic systems in their home. This includes lights, security systems and even the heating system. The convenience of this technology is already bringing about a new era where everything in the room can be fully automated.

The Launch of Advanced Smartphones

Smartphones could possibly be the biggest disruption to how we consume technology since the advent of the internet. Throughout time, we have seen mobile phones change from simple monochrome screens with basic WAP to bezel-less touchscreens capable of 4G speeds. The new smartphones bring exciting features at our fingertips. They act as a point-of-access to the internet wherever you are, meaning nobody is ever really ‘offline’ anymore.

The launch of Google’s Android Play Store and Apple’s iPhone App Store brings further advancement in this technology. Using dedicated phone applications, users can now enjoy games, carry out their office work, manage their health and fitness and even control their home and office appliances.

Moreover, digital marketing and business firms are highly dependent on smartphones as well. Most internet websites have become mobile responsive in recent years and online e-stores are run through mobile devices to generate an increased number of leads and sales. This revolution has brought mind-blowing success and change in the working style and productivity of business firms worldwide.

Social Media Usage and Promotion

The Pew research center picked the three technology revolutions throughout its tenure and social media was one of them.

Social media promotion and usage all over the world has changed the way people live and interact significantly:

  • Introduced a change in the way of thinking
  • Brought a vast change in the digital marketing strategies
  • Has become a dominant marketing platform
  • A place where new connections are built
  • Exposed itself as the source of ultimate and latest information
  • Key to success for the firms like Miami SEO, digital marketers, and business owners

Cloud Computing and Big Data

The last big change is cloud computing technology and the revolution driven by big data. Although both these technologies are different, they are often used together and can effectively enhance business sales. Cloud computing has been functional in the corporate sector for a long time, though faster broadband speeds have made it more accessible and effective than ever before. It’s an agile, scalable and efficient service with high security which allows the business owners to run their firm more easily. The different models of the cloud service from public to private and hybrid models offer different services suitable for different users.

Big data, on the other hand, offers predictive analysis services and looks into the consumer’s online behavior pattern. Both these technologies when combined together prove to be useful for a wide range of industrial firms.

Regarding the technology revolution, Nick Bostrom says: “We might define a technological revolution as a dramatic change brought about relatively quickly by the introduction of some new technology.” This is ideally the case and then these revolutions are what rule the world and transform it to a better place to live in. The ones we have mentioned above form the gist of the most wanted and successful technologies. Without these, we would have been living in an entirely different world.

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