The first Android Wear game is a Flappy Bird clone

Saqib Shah
July 10, 2014

One thing you might have noticed was amiss from the recently launched Android Wear app section on the Google Play Store, was a dedicated game for your brand spanking new smartwatch.

Well, you can now rest easy as that’s been corrected with the launch of a new game for Android Wear devices.

The game in question is entitled Flopsy Droid and is a clone of everyone’s favourite endless runner (or should we say endless flapper?), Flappy Bird.

Instead of a bird, however, Flopsy Droid sees players guiding Google’s droid mascot through an endless series of pipes.

Will it go the way of Flappy Bird and see gamers get extremely addicted, to the point that the third party developer responsible for creating Flopsy Droid is forced to take it down? We doubt it, but then again, who knows?

Google recently rolled out a host of new apps that work with Android Wear devices, such as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, on its Google Play Store.

Apps currently available include PayPal, Pinterest, Soundwave and Allthecooks. And, of course, Flopsy Droid!


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