YouTube studio app lets users manage their channels via mobile (UPDATE: It’s now available for iOS & Android)

Saqib Shah
July 10, 2014

YouTube has unveiled a new Creator Studio app that lets content creators view analytics and manage videos on the go.

The app, which is now live on Android and will be released on iOS over the coming weeks iOS, is part of a series of new features aimed at YouTube’s content creators.

Other new additions include an upcoming redesign of Creator Studio on desktop and 60 frames per second (fps) support for videos.

The latter has been teased via a series of preview videos on the site’s creator channel. Check out a 60 fps YouTube video of Titanfall gameplay below:

YouTube has also introduced new features for fans of channels. A fan funding option now allows viewers to contribute money to support creators.

Another addition allows fans to contribute subtitles, with YouTube adding that in the coming months fans will be able to submit translations in any language based on the subtitles or captions that content creators have put up.

Other features hitting the service include sound effects in its Audio Library(more specifically, thousands of royalty-free ones), while in the near future we can expect to see creator credits on collaborative videos being beefed up from mere text shout-outs into hyperlink tags, and interactive new information cards with what YouTube claims will be a “clean look.

UPDATE: Google has announced that the YouTube Creator Studio app is now available on iOS too. It boasts the same functions as the Android version, outlined above.

So, iPhone users will now be able to manage their channel on the go, including checking stats, responding to comments and setting up customised push notifications. Creators can also update their video details and settings via the app.


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