Review: RevoNext RN-QT3 Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

Stephen Watson
December 18, 2018

RevoNext RN-QT3 Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones- Available for £39.99 via Amazon

This year been a full packed year for companies far and wide bringing out headphones and earbuds and this review covers the RevoNoext RN-QT3 Quad Driver In-ear headphones.

On first impressions the packaging was very simple the silver aluminium headphones are presented nicely in a foam shell and you also get a 1.25m long cable which is in the box alongside the instruction booklet and spare eartips  What I really like about the headphones is the transformer style you get with these. These headphones come in Black, Silver and Red and retail at £39.99 via Amazon.

In the box you will find, the cable is separate to the headphones and at the end of the cables your for each the left & right side have two prong connections and you simply connect the Left headphone to the Left connection.  Although I did notice I put the right connector in the left headphone and they still worked.

The one disappointment with the design of these headphones on the cable there is no controller on the cable for you to change the volume or change tracks which other headphones like these in a similar price range. Another odd thing I find about these is the fact you need to run the cable around your ear to allow the earbuds to fit in your ear canal perfectly. Appearance wise am not very keen on the style I don’t want the cable around my ears.  

You can use these with anything that has a 3.5mm audio jack insert. The headphones consist of 2 dynamic drivers that cover bass and sub-bass and high and mid-range balanced ranges very well. They provide sound very well but don’t offer any cancellation which I have grown to love testing over devices.

If you can look past these small issues the look cool and are very light and the cable is long helped me to keep my phone in my pocket and run the cable to the headphones and still have length. If you listen to these for long periods they are very comfortable. The headphones performed smoothly across a range of different music and give some great highs and mids with a very smooth low-ends. The bass was also not overpowering which made these a nice pair of headphones to listen to for someone with a small budget.

So overall the RN-QT3’s provided great sound but if your looking for bass heavy these are not for you but if you like the sound to be a good mix of highs and lows and a nice bass these are a good option. What I found impressive is if you listen to some Queen the clear precision instruments and drums where heard perfectly even over the guitar of Brian May. So overall if you are a music lover but only have a small budget then give these a try.

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