Review: Skullcandy Riff Wireless over-ear headphones

Stephen Watson
December 28, 2018

The Skullcandy Riff Wireless Available from Amazon for £39.99

Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed most of the range of headphones available from Skullcandy from the divine Skullcandy Venue to the head crushing Skullcandy Hesh 3.

This time we get the chance to review the Riff Wireless which costs £39.99 from Amazon. Now with the Riff, they have gone back to the 16-24 age range target as the design is more for that age range compared to the Skullcandy Venue. The Riff comes in four colours:

  • Blue/orange
  • Grey/Teal
  • White
  • Black

In this review, we had the Grey/Teal to review. Like most of the range, the Riff delivers a strong bass which bass lovers will stand up and jump for joy. However, the design of these headphones makes one question what else is on the market such as there is no padding on the headband making wearing these for long periods of time a little challenging and no opportunity for wired listening.  

As mentioned before the style is very much designed for a younger listener with a matt finish and the skull logo on the sides just above the earcups. The earpads are covered in faux leather which is padded and very comfortable. It’s a shame they did not have any comfort to the headband. The headband is a little on the clunky side when you try and adjust for the correct fit.  

The control panel is located on the right earcup with a multifunction button for power/pairing, playback, call management, volume, track control and voice assistant that you have on your phone. My only issue with this is if you are heavy handed changing volume or track navigation can be problematic.

The Riff Wireless has a built-in mic that allows calls to be received and made and the signal is strong which helps for a clear sound. Internally the headphones have a 40mm dynamic driver in each earcup and delivering a frequency range up to 20kHZ. The headphones also offer a battery life of 12 hours and also includes rapid charge so you get 2 hours of use from only 10 minutes of charge.

How do they sound?

With tracks that have intense sub-bass content, the headphones deliver a low-frequency response that will appeal to big bass lovers. The bass is also quality at high and mid levels without being muddy in sound. A track with less deep bass gives a sense of the normal sound signature and when listening to vocals on the track they are delivered with clarity.

When listening to a classical track such as Katherine Jenkins “Blinded by your grace” It provides an added kick that gives the classical music a higher register brass at the same time the vocals retain their bright presence at the front of the mix.  

So overall these headphones for the low-end price they can’t be used in the gym and can not be turned into wired headphones. However, if you want some deep bass these do they job granted there are better on the market but for under £50, they are worth considering.  

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