Review: 1more Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

Stephen Watson
December 28, 2018

1more Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones -£177.99 via Amazon

Here at What Mobile 2018 been a great year and one of the reasons for that in the introduction on the brand 1More to us. Every product they have sent has taken musical quality very seriously and we are big fans.

The next delight we had the chance to review is the 1more Triple Over-Ear Headphones and 1more have really delivered here. The sound delivered is amazing and for less than £200 and the target market going to be the educated audio fan who been looking for simple joy in their ears and that is what you have here.

First impressions of the packaging are what I have come to expect a classy package that makes you feel your money well spent even before you seen the headphones.  What I mean you get a print of the blueprint design of the internals of the headphones and it looks just so professional. This seems to be commonplace with 1More.

Inside you get the hard shell carry case, Headphones, 1.35-meter long 3.5mm cable with inserts for both earcups and ¼ inch adapter.

Design wise these are very well built with a stainless steel frame allowing for the headphones to expand without catching. The frame also allows for you to fold the headphones and come with a hard shell case. The style here is also a winner with a leather headband that is comfortable and 1more have embossed the logo on the leather band. The earcups look like them sexy aluminium alloys you see on BMWs or other sports cars. The earcups are also made of the same quality leather on the band and offer a comfortable experience.

If you’re a fan of Bluetooth look away now these are not but you get a cable that is thick and durable without you worrying about the quality. The cable is also reinforced with Kevlar to make sure they stay with you for a long time. The reason they have cables for these is that its a must for the high-resolution audio you get here. Additional benefits they don’t cut out with Bluetooth losing signal or lack of battery just plug and go.

One Small disappointment is these headphones don’t have a mic for calls or in-line control we are a standard for headphone such as these. I missed the controls to change tracks or increase the volume. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a massive deal but considering other brands of a similar price bracket have this simple addition its something 1More could consider adding. Another disappointment is the fact noise cancellation is not a good as 1more say they are.  The low frequencies easily permeate the isolation barrier which is not great for travelling as you can hear others on the train.

Now for the important question how do they sound?

Well, the answer simply is they are fantastic. The bass reflectors are effective for loud notes by absorbing undesirable low-end reverberations. The sounds coming out of these headphones are crystal clear due to the Trident Bass Reflector which allows the low-end reproduction is very good no matter what song you play. The bass reflector manages to avoid the common problem of echoing low notes. The bass when listening to Alice Merton No Roots the bass is very responsive.  

Overall the 1more Triple Driver over-ear headphones are for music lovers that have done research and looked into finding a pair of headphones with an accentuated bass with a minimal sacrificing of clarity. They are also great if you want headphones that don’t connect to Bluetooth but use the traditional cable connection. 1More knows how to construct quality products for a competitive price and the triple divers are no different. These offer quality bass and for the price of £177.99, these are well worth the purchase.

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