Review: Qdos Airbank QI Wireless powerbank

Stephen Watson
December 18, 2018

With people using there mobile phones morning, night and day keeping the phone charged on demand are becoming vital.  Plus with people not wanting to wait for a charge via cable. Wireless charging becomes key to our daily lives. So we have been given the chance to review the Qdos Airbank QI Wireless Powerbank which not only a wireless charge port but is a powerbank for your cabled items.

You get 2 things into the packaging the charger and a USB to USB-C cable. The charger looks well made and has a nice rubbered texture. On the side of this powerbank, you will see the power button with a row of LED Lights that act as the power status and also indicates if we are using a wireless or wired product. You also find a Micro-USB port and one USB Port allowing you to either charge this item of charge something like my OnePlus 5T as well as using the wireless QI port to charge my New iPhone X.  

What makes this charger unique is on the top of the charger your find 12 suction cups – 6 on side of the QI wireless charge point. These keep your phone secure and can even be used while you are using your phone and also when you have a case on the phone to the thickness of 3mm thickness. The charger will also still charge  your phone in use due to the power of the suction cups see below:

What I love about this product nothing is an issue wireless phone no problem and cable required device also not an issue. The charger holds 5000 mAH which allows about 2 full charges of an iPhone X.

Overall, If you want a charger that will be with you through thick and thin and with the use of the suction points you can even charge and take a call. I now keep this on me in my work bag and I can say its come in handy many times.  For £49.99 this is a must for anyone with a smartphone or any technical device you will be charged in a flash. Plus its light so it won’t be a stress to take with you anywhere and only 50cm wide.


  • 5000 mAh Qi Wireless Powerbank.
  • Includes 1x 2.1A USB port to charge up two devices simultaneously.
  • PowerBank LED battery status light
  • LED power indicator light distinguishes between wireless and wired charging.
  • Plug into a power source for Qi certified 5W Qi charger, output 5V-1A.
  • Wireless charging distance: 6mm.
  • Suction cups for ease of transport and continuously perfect alignment.
  • Charges smartphone first, refills powerbank battery second.
  • Case friendly with cases up to 3mm thickness and do not contain a battery/other metal


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