Anchor Cable Charger left me a little at sea

Michael Hutchings
July 20, 2018

Premium Anchor Cable Charger available to buy from Indiegogo for £28

This Stainless Steel, universal premium charging cable is the first of its kind. With a lifetime warranty it definitely gives the impression they are confident in the durability and longevity of their product, but is it really the last cable you will ever need?

This charging cable definitely looks the part. Its stainless steel casing feels very strong and high quality, and is a good length too so you wont be tethered too close to where you are charging your device.

However, they are really the two best things about this product. Granted, the fact the charger can be used across all types of devices with different charging ports sounds great, but in reality it falls slightly short.

To use the cable you will be required to either carry it with you with a tiny adaptor for your particular device, or leave the adaptor in your phone which I personally didn’t really like doing.

This makes it so you always had to have that charger with you all the times, unless you wanted to take the adaptor out of your phone, which by the way isn’t easy. Also if you put it away you risk loosing it as its rather on the tiny side. For me its a bit too much of a hassle for something as simple as charging your device.

Each different adaptor magnetically connects to the end of the charger allowing you to use the cable across all devices, great! However the magnet is VERY weak and just by picking my device up and using it while charging the cable became disconnected.

This disconnection happened too many times for my liking, even when I tried to be extra careful it still happened. I literally gave up with this thing after 5 minutes.

My advice would be to make separate chargers for each type of device and forget these magnetic clip on adaptors as they really are what put me off this product.

Overall I wouldn’t spend almost £30 on a charging cable that is supposed to last a lifetime when I would be forever fiddling with it just to do something so simple as charge a device.

I do really like the look of the cable and I’m sure it does last a really long time compared to your standard cable, but the weak magnetic adaptors prevent you from using other cables, unless they are removed and placed away where you wont loose such a tiny piece of tech.

It just seems like too much fiddlyness for something meant to perform such a simple task, the design is sleek and the cable looks the part but for me I was left feeling a little frustrated.

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