Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless Earphones Review

Stephen Watson
July 19, 2018

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless (M2 IEBT) Earphones available for £169.99 in black and red. 

After reviewing the Momentum in Ear Wireless Headphones I have the say I was very impressed compared to previous wireless headphones I have used. When you first open the box I was pleased to find a hard-shell carry case which I think is a great touch to keep them safe as they do cost over £100 so why not look after them.

I also found a simple how to guide and considering I am not the biggest tech geek in the room, I found this very helpful and allowed me to set them up very quickly. They also supply 4 different pairs of rubber tips which is a nice touch as everyone’s ears are different and this allows you the chance to find the right ones in terms of comfort.

You first see the headphone neckband is genuine leather which just adds to the whole appeal and style and makes you feel you’re buying a quality bit of kit here. The headphones are also very light and are connected by a small cable that fits like a glove.

The only downside is you can’t change the length which might put some people off buying them. However, I love the style the headphones are black with a red trim which makes this look like a luxury item for these on a budget.

The left-hand side of the neckband features four small buttons, as well as a little indicator LED which flashes different colours depending on whether you are charging, connecting or connected.

The control buttons let you adjust volume as well as pausing the music, while the power button is also situated on this side. At the very end of the neckband is a USB symbol, indicating that the micro-USB charging port is below the small cover.

Sennheiser really does bring its award-winning headphones to the table and with the introduction of NFC technology which helps you connect instantly is a powerful addition in my eyes.

I also really like that the headphones are ergonomically shaped to fit each ear, as opposed to being identical in shape compared to others models of a comparable price range.

In-terms of actual sound quality, the Momentum In-Ear Wireless earphones also perform very well. I paired the earphones with my OnePlus 5T. The bass, as everyone loves earphones that have some kick to them. Plenty of cheap earphones over do it, though, and can sound distorted.

That is not the case these sound rich and punchy without going too far. An example of a song where these come into their own is Alice Merton- No Roots. With these headphones, you enjoy the tasty base from the second you press play which showcases the rich sound we have here as you can hear the female vocals are clear and life-like and shows there worth over the £100 mark.

My only criticisms are if you’re buying a pair of headphones with the intention of hitting the gym the neckband moves a lot even to the point where the earphones feel out while I was on the running machine. Plus, it clearly says they are not water resistant which makes you think if there were a gym buddy then it’s a big NO!

However, if you buy these for the daily commute then they are perfect as I can just chill back on my seat and enjoy without getting hot and sweaty ears like I have with some other headphone designs.

So, to summarise if you’re happy with the neckband design then these are a real winner with the impressive sound and easy to use controls along with the NFC and quality Bluetooth is an attractive option for any commuting purchase.

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