The Tile Sport Pro Review

Stephen Watson
July 20, 2018

The Solution to these easy to lose items- The Tile Sport Pro

If you’re like me losing your keys or your phone almost feels like the world is crashing down on you and with the busy lifestyle most of us live it’s a problem I could do without. Then the Tile Sport pro is the answer.

This is the first time I have had a Bluetooth tracker and am impressed. The tile can be attached to nearly anything you might lose on a day to day bases from your keys to bag and even your suitcase.

The long-range Bluetooth tracking that comes with the tile quickly helps you locate your tagged items due to a loud built in alarm. Have you lost your phone? Not an issue, in two clicks it triggers an alarm on your phone to allow you to find it fast. The Tile is also waterproof which goes towards the durability of the product.

In terms of design the Tile has a dark slate and grippy tread-like texture with an opening in the left corner makes it easy to clip on my keys or even my suitcase which I tested to see if it fits. The tile is quite small and only weighs 0.5 ounces which is lighter then my keys so would I have no issue in carrying this all day. 

Setting up the Tile

The tile comes in a cool looking package and when I opened it the first step was to download the app which takes seconds and then it just asks you to connect the tile to your phone, just simply press the little button in the centre while next to your phone and it will make a little tune, then it will connect to your phones Bluetooth and bingo you’re done.

The Tile works really well, the alarm is quite loud, even if the keys are down the back of the sofa you will hear it. You can however change the level and the ringtone to suit your own taste or hearing however, my suggestion is to keep the sound on loud otherwise hearing the alarm can be an issue.

The Tile also has a proximity sensor in the app that displays a series of circles, so you can use this as a guide to find your keys. The Bluetooth range is also a fantastic addition according to the website it can work up to 200 feet from your phone.

Another bonus to this little gadget is if you have Alexa or Google assistant you can link it to that and simply say for example “Ok Google, Ask Tile where my keys are” and an alarm will go off as long as you’re in range.

Can I find a downside to this product? Yes,  firstly you can’t simply deactivate it and reconnect with a different item unless you contact the company, so before setting up make sure you pick the item you’re going to use and stick with it

The second downside is that you can’t change the battery so once it dies its time to buy a new one, but Tile say it should last a year and at £19.99 from either John Lewis or Curry’s I won’t lose any sleep about buying a new one in a years’ time if required. So overall, it’s a great little product for helping prevent the mass panic of losing the keys in the morning and a under £20 it’s well worth buying.

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