Record Breaking UK Start Up Enters Accessory Market

Stephen Watson
July 24, 2018

Record-breaking UK start-up Mous releases a brand new line of top-end iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus accessories after their unbelievably protective iPhone cases prove to be a smash hit

Last year, Mous was a tiny London-based start-up made up only of five founding members. Despite Mous’s small size, it’s founders had a large vision: to create the world’s best iPhone case, one that combined military grade-protection with stunning design and real-life functionality.

Their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raised over $2.4million with over 50,000 backers, becoming the world’s biggest phone case crowdfunding campaign. As of today, they have shipped over 150,000 cases worldwide, with thousands more shipping every month. 

In an ambitious move to expand their brand, Mous has now released three new modular accessories – a Card Wallet, a Wall Mount, and a Flip Wallet – that work exclusively with their Limitless 2.0 iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus cases.

Featuring a brand new technology called AutoAlignTM, the accessories use neodymium magnets to seamlessly lock onto Mous cases, while allowing for easy removal whenever the need arises. Needlessly to say, the magnets have been arranged so that they don’t interfere with wireless charging or credit cards.

For Mous, the phone case was only the start. All their cases were designed with AutoAlignTM hidden inside! This smart new mounting system is going to form the basis for an entire ecosystem of accessories designed to streamline everyday life. “Our whole design philosophy has always been built around practicality as much as protection and design. The first step of our design process is always to look into a real-life problem, and then work out how to solve it!” said Lucy Hutchinson, Co-Founder and Head of Brand & Creative at Mous.

“Everyone keeps their phone to hand, but then constantly fumbles around in their wallet to find the cards they use all the time. Why? We decided to eliminate this problem by designing the Card Wallet; a seriously slim leather Card Wallet that attaches to your phone, allowing you to carry your 2 most important cards with you at all times.”

“With these accessories, we’re helping people streamline their lives. It’s all designed to improve your quality of life in these invisible daily actions we end up doing thousands and thousands of times.” According to Co-Founder James Griffith, the accessories have already found an audience,

The accessories are:

Card Wallet: Measuring at only 2.7mm in height and made of authentic leather, Mous’ Card Wallet is one of the slimmest modular card wallets on the market. With AutoAlignTM’s smart magnets and a gel pad, you can either attach the card wallet tight onto your Mous case, or use it as a flexible on-the go accessory. The wallet fits 1-3 cards.


Wall Mount: Conveniently mount your phone anywhere – watch YouTube tutorials in the bath or read recipes whilst chopping in the kitchen. Every mount comes with a 3M tape and gel pad so you can choose whether you want a permanent or flexible fix.

Flip Wallet: Made of authentic leather with cotton stitching, the Mous Flip Wallet can hold up to four cards, cash, and your phone all with ease and style. There’s no need to clip your phone in, as your Limitless 2.0 iPhone case will simply magnetise to the wallet, keeping it secure in place.

*** during the European Rugby Champions Cup Pool 2 match between Saracens and Northampton Saints at the Allianz Park, London, England on 20 January 2018. Photo by Phil Hutchinson.

The accessories are available for purchase at

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