Xiaomi moves into the food product market

Thomas Wellburn
March 29, 2016

Yep, you heard that correctly. Xiaomi, the budget electronics manufacturer from China that’s made something of a name for themselves, has jumped into the ambitious world of home cooking with their new Rice Cooker.

We’ve seen them expand the Mi Ecosystem beyond mobile technology already, with a host of new devices such as water purifiers and the alleged Xiaomi drone.

The cooker itself uses a very minimal design reminiscent of all Xiaomi products; there’s little to see aside from the frontal button. It’s operated primarily using the Mi Home application, where customers can use the app to scan different types of rice and see the device automatically adjust to what is put inside.

It also has a price that drastically undercuts, costing just 999 yuan. This is equivalent to roughly £107.50 here in the UK and Xiaomi says it’s about 40% cheaper than rivals. It’s highly unlikely we will ever see the Xiaomi Rice Cooker in the UK, though it still paints a bold message that the company are very willing to step outside their comfort zone and deliver fresh ideas.

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Via The Verge

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