LG goofs up G5 advert, confirms April 1st release

Manny Pham
March 24, 2016

LG posted a new advert on their YouTube page, confirming the release date of their new flagship device, the LG G5. 

The short advert shows a chap watching and laughing at his G5 on a train, ending with the tagline: “it’s good to play more.” Although at the beginning of the clip, he slots in one of the modular components before showing off a bristly grin.

Why is that of importance? Well the G5 restarts every time you slot in a new “Friend,” making the advert very unrealistic. Maybe its LG’s April Fools troll? Most likely not. LG are trying to get across how accessible their new modular design is, and to be fair it’s an okay advert if you forget the secrets and lies.

The LG G5 was one of the standout devices at Mobile World Congress, thanks to it’s new modular design. As well as going through the usual spec race with the other top dogs of the Android world, they’ve shown innovation. The G5’s modular accessories allows users to boost audio quality, better camera functionality and extend battery life. I’ve mentioned it before, LG’s “Friends” success, relies heavily on third party developer support. Currently LG are luring developers (with bits of candy) to conferences to show off the new modular ecosystem and discuss it’s functionality. Don’t expect any more “Friends” to be announced before it’s April release.

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Via Android Central.

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