Miitomo to debut in the UK on March 31st

Thomas Wellburn
March 29, 2016

Nintendo has today put out an official release date for their first smartphone application, Miimoto.

The game, which allows users to create a ‘Mii’ avatar and have it interact with others in a virtual environment, will release on March 31st in the United States. In addition, Nintendo has also stated that it will be available in various other markets on the same day… Though they declined to say exactly which ones.

With a bit of not so expert snooping, it’s possible to see a list several European markets posted on the Miitomo website. This list includes the UK, plus Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia. Other countries are also included outside of Europe, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Miitomo game is fairly basic in its execution, with the primary focus on building your avatar and sending them off to interact with others. There is also a series of in-app features (monetary based of course), where you can buy more outfits and play games to win prizes.

Nintendo executives have said that Miitomo is the first of several planned apps arriving over the next 12 months, with Pokemon Go expected to be the next major release.

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