WATCH: First footage and screens of Hitman: Sniper, a new mobile title from Square Enix Montreal

Callum Tennent
June 6, 2014

Hitman GO may have only just hit app stores (in fact as of this week it’s available on Android!), but the dedicated guys and gals over at Square Enix Montreal already have their noses pressed close to the grindstone on another high-end title.

In fact, it’s another Hitman title, which pleases us no end – Hitman: Sniper. Hitman GO was a little different to the franchise’s established theme, to say the least, but we loved it none the less. In What Mobile magazine’s July issue we said, “It sounds weird, and it is a bit – but in the best possible way. It’s probably the most exciting and brutal board game you’ll ever play”.

Hitman Sniper screen 2

Other fans of the series may be pleased to hear that Hitman: Sniper is a considerably more conventional title. That is to say, you’ll be killing people with guns. Square Enix Montreal describe it as a ‘a massively competitive sniping game that will focus on the subtlety of execution’.

Like the Hitman console titles, Each level assigns you scenario-driven contracts containing multiple targets and assignments. Also like the console titles, Hitman: Sniper also promises to offer a variety of means and creative alternatives for you to execute your targets. Presumably the options will be a bit more limited seeing as you’ll be sat behind the scope of a sniper rifle, but it’s promising that the developers are considering the spirit and feel of the main series.

Hitman Sniper screen 3

Something we’re not so keen on is the news that it will be free-to-play. Hopefully (always hopefully) this  won’t mean pay-to-win. Still, after such success with a full-price, considerably more risky title, it seems a strange choice. Square Enix Montreal promise that the pricing is to allow players to try the game for free, before ‘customising their own game experience’, with optional purchases of things like contracts and rifle upgrades. With competition between players at the core of the game, hopefully paid upgrades won’t spoil the game.

For a short, but pretty sweet, first look at the game, check out the trailer at the top of the page. There’s no news on platforms or release dates as yet, but more will be revealed at E3 later this month.


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