Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain map and gameplay footage revealed by Hideo Kojima

Saqib Shah
June 5, 2014

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has unveiled the large-scale map of the upcoming fifth iteration in the Metal Gear Solid series, entitled The Phantom Pain, alongside new gameplay footage in a video presentation.

Holding up the new map, which also contained a chart of all the maps from the series to scale on it, it showed that The Phantom Pain’s map is by far the largest ever in the series.

As a comparison, it is around 200 times larger than the MGS: Ground Zeroes map – which should come as a relief to fans who were disappointed by that game’s short playing time.

Tech website Kotaku translated the Japanese language video – which you can view in full below – and explained the other gameplay details divulged in the clip.

According to Kojima, the weather and time in The Phantom Pain will change on its own, challenging players to decide when to go on certain missions, how to get to those missions and how to deal with the weather along the way. The situation is always changing, explained Kojima.

Kojima also showed off a minute or so of gameplay from MGSV, demonstrating how players will be able to use moveable cover to hide while on the go.

You can watch the full video below, the MGSV gameplay footage starts about 58 minutes in:


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