Google Now for Android now features an alarm to wake you up before you miss your stop

Callum Tennent
June 9, 2014

Are you a horribly dysfunctional drunk? Or perhaps a perpetually sleepy commuter? It can be a burden – believe us, we know just as well as anyone. But fear not, Google is hear to make you an altogether more efficient public transport partaker.

Thanks to the latest update to Google Now, Google’s all-knowing, all-seeing life hub, you need never fear missing your stop again. Be you blackout drunk or dead tired from a day’s work, Google Now can now be told to set off an alarm when you approach your station or stop.

Google - Google Now commuter alarm

You simply set the alarm and Google Now uses a combination of time and GPS data to try and work out when you’re nearing your destination.

This service is limited to those living in areas where the public transport is mapped by Google though, so if you live in London or San Francisco you should be alright – Aldershot and Pawnee residents may not be so lucky, though. That said, Google’s transit coverage is surprisingly expansive – check out this list to see if your route is covered.

Another unanswered question is whether or not underground methods of transport are covered. The London Underground is the 12th largest metro in the world – it would be a real shame if a complete lack of signal (barring the occasional overground station and patchy underground Wi-Fi) rendered the service unusable.

Our advice would be to give it a try on a journey when you’re not completely inebriated/comatose just to check it all works out before you hop on that night bus with a false sense of confidence and end up in a town straight from the set of Deliverance at five in the morning.


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