Tinder is testing Brits about the EU referendum

Manny Pham
June 2, 2016

Tinder is helping you break the ice easier by improving your political knowledge. How much do you know about the EU referendum? 

Tinder are partnering with Bite the Ballot to test Tinder users on their knowledge of the EU referendum. It’s a temporary feature with true or false questions covering topics such as human rights and state benefits. You swipe left or right to fill yourself up with knowledge, ahead of the referendum vote on June 23rd. The feature started yesterday so you should be seeing the referendum test appearing once you use up your daily ‘Super Like.’

tinder eu referendum

After finishing the test you’ll be given the title of “commoner” or king” depending on your score. Tinder ran a similar feature in March to clue up users in the US about the presidential candidates. US users were then matched depending on their political stance, perhaps to stir political advocacy and discussion, before the inevitable eternal millenial question, “Netflix and chill?”

Millenials could swing the referendum vote, according to recent statistics 59% of Tinder’s 50 million users are millennials. How much of that percentage belongs to the UK is not known but we can imagine it is sizeable. According to a survey ran by Opinium 53% of 18-34  are voting to stay in the EU, with 29% for leaving, 18% don’t know and 1% prefer not to say.

Registration for the referendum vote ends June 7th with the big day being June 23rd. Are you in or are you out?

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