Free HTC 10 gifts are disappointing

Manny Pham
June 3, 2016

Own a HTC 10? You might qualify for some free ‘exciting’ gifts. 

If you’re from the US and bought the HTC 10 from HTC’s official website, you qualify for super special awesome gifts from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

I am of course being slightly facetious. So those free gifts, first off you get a free fast-charging USB-C cable. Not particularly exciting considering you already get a free USB-C cable with your HTC 10. That’s not all, HTC anticipated that this wouldn’t satisfy the masses, so they’ve also chucked in 12-months of UH OH protection.

With UH OH protection you can get a replacement HTC 10 within the 12-month, if something were to happen to your HTC 10.

The free gifts are sadly only in the US at the moment with HTC confirming no plans to bring a similar scheme to the UK. UH OH protection is only available in the US.

Those who can enjoy the free gifts should do so straight away, I mean… it’s a free gift after all.

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