All-seeing NSA finds new ways to identify users

Thomas Wellburn
May 28, 2015

Everyone carries a digital signature online. It’s an inevitably of living in an always online world.

The pesky National Security Agency has capitalised on this once again by attempting to read a persons typing as a form of identification.

Hot off the heels of trying to hack Android phones, the company has recently been testing swipe recognition technology developed by Lockheed Martin. While they don’t go into detail on the specifics, the system has the ability to identify smartphone users based on their personal “typing” signature.

The software could be used to unlock future devices, replacing fingerprint readers and other biometric systems. However, if the past actions of the NSA are anything to go by, it will probably be used for  identifying potential government targets. As algorithms improve, we could start seeing everything from retina scans to reliable facial recognition. Skynet looms ever closer…

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