Android to be refreshed on a yearly basis

Thomas Wellburn
May 28, 2015

With Google I/O 2015 fast approaching, all eyes are on the new Android M operating system. The replacement to Lollipop will bring even more of the material design language and a hub for predictive actions.

While we’re all eagerly waiting for the announcement tomorrow, it might be good to know that Android is more committed than ever to keeping their OS as current as possible. Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of engineering at Android, has revealed that there will be a new version of the OS released on a yearly basis.

These won’t just be incremental updates either, but rather pretty substantial leaps much like Lollipop to M. This means we can all look forward to some fairly radical updates each year, which should keep the OS running smooth. This could be a direct reply to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile update system, which has seen a speedier turnaround in the past few months thanks to the implementation of insider previews and fast-ring updates.

While we don’t know much about the next version of Android after M, we do know it will be a big update. The internal codename is Android N (original) and you can expect it in 2016.

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