Blackberry sinks even further as more staff lose their jobs

Thomas Wellburn
May 28, 2015

Blackberry is continuing it’s fall from grace as it attempts to make the business profitable again.

The company has decided to consolidate its device, hardware and applications businesses into a unified model, which will see a number of employees laid off worldwide. Blackberry has said that it aims to reallocate resources that will “best enable us to capitalize on growth opportunities while driving toward sustainable profitability across all facets of our business.”

After the failure of their Blackberry 10 smartphones and the Blackberry OS (which now controls just 0.3% of the market, with Windows Phone well in the lead at 2.7%), the company moved to an enterprise and security focus, attempting to recoup their losses with BES12, a cross-platform enterprise mobility management technology.

The company only earned managed 42% of its $660 million revenue in the first quarter, with 28% coming from hardware, 47% from services and 10% from software.

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