Best outdoor speakers for summer sounds

Alex Yau
May 28, 2015

Summer’s almost here and thousands of us will be sat in the sunshine near the sizzle of a BBQ, the crashing of beach waves or bright neon lights of a music festival.

Music is essential to all these situations, as is a speaker to blast these tunes out. However, with so many speakers to pick from, it’s difficult to know whether you’re actually getting value for money. Not only do you have to consider the price, but you also have to look at sound quality, ease of connectivity, battery life and more.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and handpicked five of our favourite portable outdoor speakers. So whether you’re after a speaker for chilled out tunes on the beach or one for blasting out your hardcore rave mix at a music festival, read on for What Mobile’s Top Five Outdoor Speakers.

Outdoor speakers: JCB Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker



A lightweight speaker that delivers fantastic sound wherever you are on the festival campsite. It can play tunes via Bluetooth connectivity or microSD card, so there are no wires to fiddle around with here. A rubber shell will protect it from potential bumps, whilst a waterproof feature means you needn’t panic about any festival downpours.

Outdoor speakers: Libratone Zipp



If you’re an audiophile and really want the best quality tunes when chilling at the campsite, you’ll want the Libratone Zipp. FullRoom technology means you will get the same sound quality as everyone else no matter where you’re positioned. It also lasts up to an impressive eight hours on a single charge.

Outdoor speakers: Dr Dre Beats Pill 2.0



This is an attractive Bluetooth speaker that provided easy pairing with all our devices. The sound was quite huge for a small bluetooth speaker. Its size will make it ideal for taking it to parties or holiday, but its price and weak bass could be a deal breaker for some.

Outdoor speakers: Cowin Thunder



The Cowin Thunder Bluetooth speaker uses a unique vibration pad that makes any music played through it reverberate 360-degrees through flat surfaces. This is far from a gimmick and there was a noticeable improvement in bass and treble when we switched the function on. Turn it off and sound quality is still excellent. It works on all surfaces, including glass, wood or plastic and there’s even a mountable dock to place the speaker on a wall or window. An aluminium casing gives it a sturdy and attractive design, whilst you can get up to eight hours of continuous play from a single charge.

Outdoor speakers: Bionn Soundpad



The SoundPad is both a tablet stand and a stereo speaker setup rolled into one. Its collapsable so that it can easily fit into your bag, yet sturdy and fully adjustable when folded out. It connects with your tablet via bluetooth or NFC and offers up a much richer, bass-laden sound than you would otherwise get.

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