Shrek studio making its own tablet. Really.

Jamie Feltham
January 3, 2014

DreamWorks is making its own tablet. Yes, DreamWorks, the guys behind Shrek, Madagascar and a string of other successful kids films.

The studio has partnered with Fuhu, which is behind the Toys R Us Nabi line, to come up with a new Android tablet for younger audiences. It’s named the Dreamtab (ooh, nice!) and it has an 8-inch display going for under $300.

As you’d expect, DreamWorks will be using a range of its colourful cast of characters to draw kids in. Shrek will apparently pop up on screen instructing you on how to turn the tablet off. Dreamwork animators will also create apps to teach drawing, and the tablet will come with a stylus.

It actually sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it? Parents will be able to use the slate just like any other tablet and there’s even potential for software to tie-in with physical toys. There may even be a 12-inch version on the way.

Source: New York Times

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