Polaroid offering Android 4.4 tablet for under $130

Jamie Feltham
January 3, 2014

Want a taste of Android 4.4 but don’t want to shed out $300+ for the devices that currently use it? Polaroid, of all people, could have you sorted.

The company confirmed three budget tablets for show at CES next week, all of which sport Android 4.4. That’s the 7-inch Q7, the 8-inch Q8 and the 10.1-inch Q10. We guess BlackBerry didn’t mind.

Each comes packed with a quad-core processor, though the make of which isn’t specified. There’s HDMI output though, which is a bonus, as are the (potential) prices. The company hasn’t dished out specifics yet, but it aiming for all three to fit in the price range of $129 to $179.

Source: Polaroid

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