Samsung working on Galaxy S4 Active Mini

Jordan O'Brien
October 28, 2013

Samsung could be about to add another S4 to the already packed line of devices, with the Galaxy S4 Active mini reportedly in the works. If you’ve never heard of the Galaxy S4 Active, then it’s essentially a ruggedised Galaxy S4, meaning it can withstand the odd drop or two, especially if that drop is in water.

We really liked how powerful the Galaxy S4 Active was, but it turns out Samsung is going to do much the same with the Galaxy S4 Active Mini as it did with the Galaxy S4 Mini, in making the specs a lot less powerful as well as the body smaller. According to some GFXBench benchmark entries, the Galaxy S4 Active Mini will suffer a significant downgrade, with a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, and a 4.65-inch screen with a resolution of a rather dysmal 800 x 480. You’ll also receive just 1GB of RAM, and a 5MP rear-facing camera.

We don’t see what the S4 Active Mini has going for it, with it only sharing the same name as its larger, more powerful sibling.

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