NBA strikes $100m deal with Samsung for courtside tablets, TVs

Jamie Feltham
October 28, 2013

Samsung has reportedly just struck up a huge deal in advertising. According to The Wall Street Journal, the electronics company has partnered with the NBA to supply courtside TVs and tablets during basketball games.

That means you’ll be able to see users flick away on Note tablets during NBA games, which will give the devices massive exposure. It’s said that the deal will last for the next three years, and comes in at a cost of $100 million. NBA coaches, referees and players will all be using the devices during games. Obviously we hope that latter won’t be using them while on the court.

If true then it’s an admittedly brilliant move by the company. Perhaps this is just the first in this type of deal – imagine if similar partnerships happened with the NFL or European sports giants.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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