Prisma finally lands on Android

Manny Pham
July 25, 2016

Prisma the extremely popular iOS photo manipulation app finally lands on Android. Android fans can now turn themselves into a convincing graphic novel. 

Prisma is so popular streams of copycat apps appeared on the Play Store, to replicate an experience Android fans have been missing out onsince June. The knock-off Prisma apps are pretty dire so its huge news to see the much coveted app finally land on Android officially.

The app isn’t perfect as it processes photos using cloud storage, meaning servers can get overloaded, which has been happening since we’ve tried to use it (currently no photos have been manipulated here at What Mobile). The app does does not simply apply a filter over photos, instead rebuilding photos completely with a selected art style.

Prisma will take over your photos




Prisma saw over 10 million downloads on iOS and also saw problems with the unexpected popularity. Whether Prism can handle the extra traffic in the next week from Android users, remain to be seen. Don’t get frustrated, it will work eventually and you’ll soon be enjoying one of the best apps we’ve used this year so far.

Currently it’s a bit difficult to locate the app on the Play Store, so here is where you can download it.

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