Is there a Meizu smartwatch on the way?

Thomas Wellburn
July 25, 2016

Could a Meizu smartwatch be on the cards? That’s the question posed after the company posted a sketch on their microblogging website earlier this morning.

The image doesn’t go into much detail but does show numerous sketches of concept designs. We can see that the company has been toying with various ideas, most of which bear resemblance to the more traditional watch design. The Chinese manufacturer seems to be keeping things simple, with some of the sketches looking quite similar to the Pebble Time. The strap seems to be removable, with possible designs including leather and what appears to be a metal chain link. There’s also the words “run hours” in the top right corner, which means that the company is obviously looking to include fitness features into the wearable.

meizu smaretwatch

Meizu smartwatch could be a budget powerhouse

Looking at the past pedigree of Meizu, it’s fair to assume that the device will have powerful hardware at a competitive price. The company has made quite a name for itself with budget hardware that crams in a lot of features, we’d expect the smartwatch to be more of the same.

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