Moovit is the first Pokemon Go public transport app

Thomas Wellburn
July 25, 2016

Moovit has become the first developer to make a dedicated Pokemon Go public transport app, integrating the popular augmented reality game with their own service.

As Pokemon Go continues to take the world by storm, developers are slowly beginning to jump on board by integrating the service into existing applications. One such application is Moovit, a popular public transport service who today announced that the Pokemon Go game would be directly implemented into the application.

Is this the Pokemon Go public transport app we’ve been waiting for?

Pokemon Go public transport app

The addition will allow players to plan their journey to designated PokeStops and PokeGyms using the dedicated Trip Planner screen. You’ll be able to keep the game running while you use Moovit’s existing Live Directions feature in the background to receive Get Off Notifications, telling you how close the place is and when to make ways, so you can still rack up those elusive Pidgeys on the way.

Pokémon Go players who don’t yet have Moovit can download the iOS version on the App Store or Android version on Google Play Store so they can get clear directions to the places where they can catch ‘em all.

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